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Maine Homestead Jams
A fresh taste of summer. This low sugar jam lets the berry shine! Great as a gift or breakfast! Available in various flavors.

Our price: $8.99

Maine Homestead Pickled Vegetables
A spicy dill pickled carrot, summer relish or pickled beets and more! A yummy crunchy snack or salad addition. Available in a variety of vegetables.

Our price: $10.99

Maine Homestead Relish
Zucchini based relish with a little of everything. A little sweet, a little dill and a little spice. Try it on hot dogs or mix a little into your chicken or potato salad for a little something extra


A nice sweet relish with a summer squash base adds color to any BBQ or salad. Try mixing a little into your deviled eggs for a popular pot luck item you won't be taking back home!

Our price: $8.99

Maple Syrup in Maple Leaf by Ben's Sugar Shack
Pure maple syrup in a 8.45oz glass maple leaf jar.

Our price: $12.99
Maple Syrup in Mini Tin Cabin by Ben's Sugar Shack
Pure maple syrup in a 8.45oz tini cabin jar.

Our price: $9.99